PART III: Remote Passages

Annija Muižule & Katarina Petrović
OPEN: FRI - SUN | 13:00 - 17:00 H

In Remote Passages, the third exhibition within The Story Within and Beyond project, both Annija Muižule and Katarina Petrović use impersonal narratives in the interdisciplinary way in order to create an interplay within the different media and to criticize the capitalist techno-marketing society.
In a dystopian way Petrović uses J.L. Borges's Two English poems (1934) as the input text to deconstruct the language and to decipher Jupiter planetary emissions. More precisely, the artist uses one of the Borges's verses – „we talked and you have forgotten the words“, to start Lexicon Liber Novus, an alghoritmically generated book. Radio emissions coming from Jupiter, the signal obtained from

NASA amateur radio community, is translated into words as a form of automated poetry, and then projected into „the black water cube.“
On the contrary, Muižule transforms the visual medium of photography into textual exploration of existential image culture (using descriptions of photographs from Bigstock, the online website that sells images via a credit-based system), and vice versa – she transforms certain words into thousands of images found while entering the terms for feelings (anger, happiness, etc.) into a search bar on the internet. From them then she composes a kind of „tapestry“, a kind of a new version of automated poetry, where each pixel is one image, the whole world in

itself... She also does a similar thing with the „strawberry“, being interested in it as a (capitalist) symbol, and the difference between a representation and reality.
What is interesting is the fact that these works actually, medium or material wise, always go a step beyond, so none of the artworks is actually as it seems, they are all actually something else – the verse made by a human (Borges) is transformed into the automated poetry made by a computer, a photograph is actually a text, a text is a photograph, and the strawberries are actually plastic decorative stawberries ordered from China... It seems as if we were standing in a kind of here


futuristic, post-apocalyptic surroundings, where words are not anymore uttered by us, but by computers, and the way we express ourselves is by images, like in the Middle Ages, only that now internet is our church. Fruit is not anymore only wrapped into plastic like today, but it has become plastic itself .., the symbol of a time forgotten, when „we talked and you have forgotten the words.“ Everything had to start again, to be projected in black.

Text: Neva Lukić, art historian
Photos: Anke van den Berg

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''The Story Within and Beyond' is a project of: Neva Lukić & Anke van den Berg.  Made possible with the help of all See Lab members.
Financial supported by Gemeente Den Haag and Stroom Den Haag.