The perfomance program Words fail me was realised as the outcome of See Lab member Neva Lukić residency in artist initiative Het Wilde Weten in Rotterdam. All authors of the performances, as designers are members of See Lab. Words fail me endeavours to explore „the word“ and „the symbol“ throughout different media and various artistic expressions. This performance event was structured around three points which create the podium where the language exists, metamorphosing and disappearing by means of various artistic qualities and sensibilities. These points were the philosophical writings of Ludwig Wittgenstein, short stories and poems by Neva Lukić and performance pieces by Cathleen Owens, Katerina Sidorova and Masaaki Oyamada (performed by Judith Moss). Booklet design Anke van den Berg and Masaaki Oyamada. The program was ended with a great concert by Medium!

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