Group Exhibition ” Zeevonk” during Museumnacht
artists: Awinash Panchu, Sissel Marie Tonn, Oddkin & Jonathan Reus

On warm summer nights in Scheveningen, you can experience the magical event of swimming with Zeevonk - the algae that turns your movements in the water into fluorescent sparkles of light. For this year’s museum nacht See Lab has created an artistic program, that takes inspiration from the magic sensation of experiencing Zeevonk, which almost gives you an experience of Synesthesia . We invite you to touch sound, taste color and dip into the artistic zeevonk. The night will begin with a screening of See Lab produced video work, that each deal with time in different ways. Later on, the audience will be invited to perform with each other in two fun, interactive sound installations, and we end with a party, where you can create your own Zeevonk cocktail in our cocktail workshop, and dance to groovy tunes.

photo-credits: Anke van den Berg, Helena Sanders & Marie-Charlotte Spruijt.

More info: Museumnacht